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ITS GOPHER SEASON! – Pocket gophers, AKA gophers, are known to cause damage year-round, however it is in the spring and summer months when vegetation is thriving that gophers are most active. Gophers thrive on succulent vegetation. Act fast to minimize gopher destruction!

DAMAGE – Gophers destroy all areas of your yard by eating vegetation from the roots up. Plants will often disappear below the surface while larger shrubs and trees will seem to die for no reason because their root system gets gnawed apart.
If you notice gopher burrowing on sloped surfaces. Beware, this can cause erosion, soil weakening and complete slope failure.
Gophers have been known to wreck havoc on irrigation. Pocket gopher burrowing activity not only siphons water away from your yard, plastic sprinkler systems are often gnawed on and destroyed.

Gopher mound

HEALTH AND SAFETY – Gophers are commonly infested with fleas, ticks, lice and mites and have been known to carry and spread rabies and monkey pox. Be careful if you spot a gopher out of its burrow and showing no signs of fear. Gophers are naturally shy and reclusive, this may be a sign of a sick gopher.
The most common health risk comes from stepping into holes created by gopher burrows. A yard with signs of gopher activity dramatically increases the risk of leg fractures and sprained ankles.

INFESTATION – Pocket Gophers breed in the spring and develop quickly. A Female gopher will birth three to four young per litter. A young gopher will start establishing its own burrows within five weeks of birth.

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